You Can Ignore These Numbers, But Not What They Mean

No one has done more research on notifications, feedback and suggestions than 1st Notice and that means we have a lot of numbers. Hundreds of thousands of numbers.


What these numbers mean is that unless an organization has our research based eConnect applications, there is less than a 7% chance that serious issues will be reported. But if the organization has a 1st Notice package, the likelihood that it will be quickly reported is over 92%


1st Notice protects people and organizations and is the solution most likely to prevent and the first to detect prohibited activity . 


The Penn State child sex abuse scandal, at least 137 other cases of authority figures abusing minors and hundreds of discrimination, harassment, safety and security debacles were completely avoidable. As were these:

  • Fraud resulting in over $60M in bad loans, bankruptcy, 150 layoffs and customers and suppliers in turmoil.
  • Background checks going un-reviewed for hundreds of hires. (A new employee arrested for vehicular homicide with a company car would not have been hired had his background check been read.)
  • A building complex’s sprinkler system being disengaged because of one faulty sprinkler head.
  • A college student cheating operation.
  • A driver for top executives of a “Most admired” company picking up minors and purchasing liquor for them in company vehicles.
  • A fire investigator from a major consultancy falsifying reports.
  • A law enforcement officer harassing women.
  • Numerous cases of “cooking the books”.
  • Numerous cases of not following organization policies and procedures
  • A prostitution ring run from a Fortune 500 manufacturer’s swing shift plant parking lot.
  • Restaurants’ minor employees sexually harassed.
  • A senior executive steering consulting and software contracts to friends’ firms.
  • Substandard products being used by a division manager of a major commercial contractor.
  • A top sales representative buying and stealing competitor documents.
  • A university professor “selling” grades.
  • The vice president of major company division surreptitiously blocking minority development and hiring.


1st Notice would have prevented every single one.


Tell the schools your children attend and the programs that they participate in, to get 1st Notice.


Tell the organizations that care for the disabled and seniors you love, to get 1sT Notice.


Tell every organization that you’re associated with, to get 1st Notice.


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These numbers me you should act..