Are You Protecting Your Children?

Two things every parent must do to protect their children.


  1. Minors in virtually every school and socio-economic group are at risk of bullying and grooming. NSPCC, the UK children’s charity, warns that minors are being groomed online in less than 45 minutes. Get Identity Defense™ not just to protect your children’s identity but because the family packages also protect minors by continuously monitoring the internet and social media and will notify you of any indications of bullying, grooming, and weapons.


Protect the whole family, all packages include:

  • Identity Theft Protection
  • Social Media Monitoring
  • Reputation Alerts
  • Full Service Identity Restoration
  • Complete Lost Wallet Services
  • $1M identity theft insurance with $0 deductible.


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  1. Is compliance too much to ask? Demand that the schools your children attend and the programs in which they participate have an effective compliance and ethics program as required by Federal law. Such programs would have prevented everyone of the 138 cases we’ve studied of authority figures abusing minors. And the most effected program, by far, is 1st Notice’s Optimum Connect all including Fail Safe.


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Protect your children.