Are Your Children and Seniors Protected?

Smoke detectors have been around since the 1890's, but it took over seventy years for their use to be common enough to decrease the risk of dying in a fire from one in ten, to one in a hundred.


In the intervening years smoke detectors included ever more features, became more practical and the cost dropped precipitously. But how many people regretted every day for the rest of their lives, that they didn’t spend the money on an early detector to protect their loved ones?


We’ve studied organization performance for decades and evaluated and consulted on the devastating consequences of incidents including sex abuse, harassment and other violations of law, policies and procedures. It seems that at least one such incident makes the news every week. I often note that these incidents are analogous to fires: We recognize the importance of preventing them, but we also must take steps to alert the appropriate professionals as soon as they are first observed, so that they can be stopped, and the damage minimized. Invariably some of the people involved in these matters respond that a fire would have caused less damage.


Since the Penn State child sex abuse scandal broke we’ve been studying the phenomena and developing preventative solutions for all organizations. The scope of our initial research was to understand why these incidents go unreported and what, if anything could be done to facilitate prompt communication, the possibility of which is likely to preclude some negative occurrences. Based on this extensive and seminal research, and the latest technology, our notification application is the most likely to prevent and the first to detect illegal activities. And unlike smoke detectors, no one needs to wait even a day for a detector that has more features, is more practical - and the cost to drop.


Protecting people is more important to us than profits, cost is never a barrier to protection. And although we’ve spent a great deal on research, it’s available publicly and we’ve specifically shared it with competitors that work with minors and the elderly. Our own applications only cost few dollars a month to protect people and organizations. And if an organization doesn’t care enough to want to prevent and detect illegal acts, they may face consequences. But the victims always suffer the most.


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