First Protect the Children and the Elderly

Feedback is one of the drivers of sustained optimum performance, yet there is still no feedback from over 80% of the workforce and almost 70% of customer transactions.

Feedback drives good performance so it should be an organizational priority and an Effective Notification System* optimizes the timeliness, quantity, and quality and of all feedback categories so it should be the first choice of discerning organizations. These are the ten features of an Effective Notification System:

1. Processed and Hosted by Independent Third Party

2. Absolute Confidentiality

3. Check Status

4. Report Online

5. Mobile Optimized

6. Accessible, Simple & Quick

7. Confirmed Receipt

8. 24/7

9. Data Cannot Be Hacked

10. Confidential Messaging

Without an Effective Notification System, the more serious the information, the less likely it is to get communicated:  Less than 28% of all populations will make a suggestion, only 23% will communicate issues and just 18% will report serious issues.  An Effective Notification System will increase communication of suggestions by 88%, issues by 126% and serious issues by 172%.

Effective Notification Systems also prevent bad things from happening to people and organizations but are most compelling in the defense of the vulnerable. Why was the child sex abuse at Penn State covered up for so long? Because it could be. Effective Notification Systems prevent cover-ups. Why are there so many illicit and worse teacher – student occurrences? Because they did not have an Effective Notification System.*

No solution can prevent all aberrant acts but virtually all subsequent damage can be precluded by Effective Notification System. And although these systems are designed to provide the earliest notice of aberrant behavior, they are proven to have a prophylactic effect. Awareness of an Effective Notification System alone will deter at least some of the acts that lead to the issues that concern us all and cause damage to individuals and organizations.*

All TDI10 applications include all of the features of an Effective Notification System, and more, to optimize timely and accurate notifications as well as feedback and suggestions. They also include features specifically designed to process serious issue notifications.

Every organization should have a feedback solution, but every organization has to have at least an Effective Compliance and Ethics Program to prevent and detect criminal acts, many with horrific and lasting consequences. Yet over 95% of organizations do not. This checklist is for every single nonpublic entity but most importantly make sure that the organizations that work with our youth and seniors use it to protect them.


*“Comprehensive Analyses of Factors Associated with Communicating Serious Issues, Feedback and Suggestions,” 1st Notice, Inc. and TDI10, Inc., 2011- 2020.