Advanced Guard, Always Guard

Our own survey of 188 paid and volunteer teachers, coaches and other youth leaders charged with sexual abuse of minors between 2013 and 2019 indicates that 96.3% had successfully passed a background check. We have not been able to determine whether or not background checks were completed for the remaining 3.7%.

Does that mean that background checks are not effective? Absolutely not. We do not know how many chose not to participate or dropped out of the recruiting process because of background checks, or failed the background the check, but every one of those that did counts as a success. When designed and managed properly, background check programs are definitely effective and even prophylactic, from the Greek for advance guard. It is an apt term for background checks.

That 96% of adults that passed background checks and were still at least charged with a crime involving a minor clearly indicates that background checks alone are not enough to protect people and organizations. A federal law is part of the solution. The Sarbanes–Oxley Act directed the U.S. Sentencing Commission to established requirements for an Effective Compliance and Ethics Program, including a system, to prevent and detect criminal conduct. The requirements apply to all incorporated and unincorporated organizations, including nonprofits, of all sizes. TConnect's Alarm is far more effective than any other solution. There is no better safeguard.

And just like background checks, effective solutions are also prophylactic. We do not know how many choose not to participate or drop out of the recruiting process because of an effective system or how many people  discouraged from even starting the down the path to crime because of a system. But we do know of people who suddenly quit jobs as our own TConnect Alarms was being implemented. And every one of these counts as a success.

But more importantly TConnect Alarms never stops protecting people and organizations. It is an always guard.