One Question, Three Reasons

Many small and medium business and nonprofit leaders continue to question whether or not they have to have an effective notification system to prevent and detect criminal behavior. That’s understandable, there are so many other things that they seem to have to do. But this warrants serious consideration and as with most important decisions, the answer starts with a question, “Is it the right thing to do?”


Providing staff and other constituents with a system that facilitates reporting potentially wrongful acts and situations is the right thing to do. Just having the system will give them a sense of security and can actually protect them, and the organization, from harm. Organization leaders aren’t questioning whether or not they have to have a fire alarm. Yet an effective notification system can prevent fires as well as prevent and detect incidents that organizations and victims consider worse than fires.


If it is right, it makes good business sense. The American Bar Association notes that in addition to avoiding liability, programs to raise and address problems are a good business practice and regardless of governance or size, every organization should voluntarily implement them. And virtually all business academics and consultants surveyed consider an effective notification system essential for all  organizations.


If it is right and it makes good business sense, there are negative consequences for not doing it. If an organization does not have a system to prevent and detect bad things, they are more likely to happened and when they do, they organization will not know about it until the only resort is damage control. There is no possibility of a nonpublic entity leader or the entity being prosecuted if it does not have an effective notification system, unless there is an incident that the SOX directed guidelines are intended to prevent and detect. In such cases there are also increasingly severe civil implications for the leaders and organizations.


Every organization should have an effective notification system because it will preclude negative consequences, it makes good business sense and it is the right thing to do.


Get one today.