Would you send your children to a school that didn’t have a fire alarm?

Would you send your children to a school that chose not to have the means to report a fire, or anything else?


Would you let your children be coached by or belong to an organization that wasn’t in compliance with federal guidelines specifically written to protect them?


Virtually all schools and youth groups are run by people, many of them volunteers, truly dedicated to developing our youth. But it’s next to impossible for parents to determine if the organization is in compliance and has a system to process critical notifications effectively.


We can’t tolerate this situation any longer. By April 2, parents will be able to easily check 1st Notice listings to see if their children’s schools, sports teams and other youth groups are in compliance, and even more importantly have a system to at least process confidential notifications.


All of our eConnect packages are discounted by at least 50% for organizations that work with minors. Cost will never be a barrier to participation.


Look for the Shield.