Fake Reviews in the News

Actually it’s fake news that’s in the news but the implications are as alarming.


Just as with fake news, there are fake reviews that promote and fake reviews that demote. Both are spurious but fake negative reviews are scurrilous and in some cases devastating.


And as with fake news sites there are rating and review sites that should be ignored. The Ripoff Report is at the top of that list for being the lowest of the rant sites and without shame.


But even reputable organizations such as Facebook, Google and Yelp have fake reviews. And J.D. Power does not validate that all their raters have actually used the product or service being rated.


What makes reviews worth considering? First, the data collection system should include at least the top 10 features that over 91,000 consumers consider to be important:

  1. Data Archived by Third Party
  2. Absolute Confidentiality
  3. Can Check Status/Responses
  4. Submit Online
  5. Mobile Optimized
  6. Accessible, Simple and Quick
  7. Receipt Confirmed
  8. 24/7
  9. Data Cannot be Hacked
  10. Confidential Messaging


Systems with these features will result in more and better feedback, faster. And that’s a good thing for everyone.


Most of us are inclined to be most honest when our identity is protected but absolute anonymity may foster unfounded feedback. And anonymity, without the ability to clarify, validate and potentially resolve dissatisfaction is more than just flawed, it’s wrong.


Feedback is serious. People should also affirm that the information they are submitting is true and based on firsthand experience. And they should have to provide contact information and understand that there may be consequences for knowingly submitting false information. It’s up to the feedback provider to be ever vigilant and effectively protect their identity and privacy.


If a reviewer won’t respond to appropriate questions to validate, clarify and resolve, the feedback should be archived and not published.


1st Notice is the only provider which meets all of these criteria.


Without 1st Notice, the more serious the information, the less likely it is to be communicated: At best 7% will report serious issues, 17% will give feedback and 11% will make suggestions. Only 1st Notice will increase communication of suggestions by at least 705%, feedback by 533% and serious issues by 1,334%. 1st Notice also prevents bad things from happening.


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