More Efficient and Effective than Geothermal Energy, Powering Performance and Satisfaction

Feedback is like geothermal energy. It’s very powerful, abundant and practically right under our feet. It’s existed whenever and wherever man has had customers and or workers, since long before we understood and were able to harness it.


And if you don’t give it a place to go, it can suddenly explode and burn people and organizations, causing great and lasting damage.


Feedback and geothermal energy also require an extensive knowledge base, highly specialized expertise and technology to benefit from them.


And 1st Notice has the continually developing knowledge base, highly specialized expertise and technology to acquire feedback and enable our clients to benefit from it.  Yet this just the beginning of the beginning of what feedback will soon do to power performance and satisfaction.  


Feedback can now be categorized as macro or micro and automatically and effectively collected for single events and multiple or repeated interactions.


First and foremost, feedback must be accurate. If it’s anything but accurate it’s misinformation and whether deliberate or not, seriously wrong. And now we have the information and the means to make sure that the feedback we act on and share, is accurate.


The first step to take advantage of this invaluable source is to determine the Feedback Index which is based on the percentage of constituents from which feedback is collected within 30 days of an event, interaction or experience.

Example Feedback Indexes

Constituency No. Acquired Feedback Index
Customers 726 11 1.5%
Workforce 49 3 6.1%
Total 775 14 1.8%


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