$10 a Month Must Be Too Much to Prevent Suicides

High school junior Kenneth Suttner shot himself in the head outside his family’s home four days before Christmas because the Glasgow School District and Dairy Queen and  wouldn't spend less than $10.00* a month.


The 17 year old committed suicide because he was frequently and harshly bullied at school and at work. The bulling continued because neither the school district nor Dairy Queen had an effective notification program to report such behaviors.


The school district did and does have a Report Abuse link at the bottom of their web site. But we can only hope that neither Kenneth Suttner nor anyone else being abused clicked on it. It’s a form to alert Google of terms of content use violations.


Neither organization has evidently heard of Jim Burke. Dairy Queen has yet to respond to our, or apparently any other inquires. The school seems to have hid two Information Releases on its home page which are chilling in terms of their defensiveness and lack of what they are doing to prevent such a horror from ever occurring again other than continuing to develop training for staff and students. Dairy Queen is being criticized for lack of training.


Message from reality: Training won’t help. Penn State had a host of training programs to prevent and report harassment before and through the child sex abuse. Nor will policies and procedures. Penn State had many. Only an effective notification program will prevent and detect such conduct.


If the bullying was reported it was evidently covered up, because it could be.


Many knew of the bullying but didn’t report it because of concerns that doing so would adversely affect them and “If the administration hasn’t done anything about it yet, they won’t.”


Several Dairy Queen employees and over a dozen students and teachers told us that they would have reported the bullying if their identity would have been cloaked.


Our own research indicates that notifications (and feedback and suggestions) will soar – faster and more complete if they also can be made online via any device, and

  • Notifications are archived by third party (which prevents cover-ups)
  • Receipt of notifications is confirmed
  • Can check the status of notifications
  • The data cannot be hacked


We know this because after the Penn State child sex abuse scandal we set out to understand why such incidents go unreported and what, if anything, could be done to facilitate prompt notifications and provide the earliest notice of aberrant behaviors.


After extensive research we answered both questions and then built a system which includes every feature, and more. We’ve since learned that our system also has a prophylactic effect.


We all let Kenneth Suttner down. We shouldn’t allow our children, any children to go to schools or participate in any activities that don’t have an effective notification program. It’s the same as dropping them off at a building without a fire alarm.


*The most we would have charged the school is $7.50 a month and we never allow cost to prevent any organization that works with minors from having our Fail Safe application. And because of the number of Dairy Queen locations their monthly fee would also be less than $10.