Hotlines Fight Climate Change

Really. TConnect Alerts, our notification application has saved more than 10,000 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of electricity. That amounts to 16.3 barrels of oil or 7,499 pounds of coal.

TConnect Alerts is based on the most significant research and extensive testing regarding communicating serious issues including safety, security and crimes. And it works, it is also the solution most likely to prevent and the first to detect prohibited activity.

And then people go and start using it for other purposes such as the lights in the gymnasium are left on all night. Or the parking lot light timers haven’t been adjusted for the time change.

And other important, but not so serious issues.

Typical, people using something for other than for what it was made. And we’re glad for it. TConnect Allerts will still most effectively communicate serious issues; if it’s also used as a catchall to effectively report other issues that might otherwise fall through the cracks, all the better.

You can’t wear it out and it won’t cost anymore. Might as well use it for everything possible.