Five More Coach/Teacher - Student Sex Crimes That Could Have Been Prevented, for Nothing

We can’t keep up with all the cases but here are the latest incidents that we were able to look into. All had four commonalities:


  1. Each coach and teacher had passed a background check.
  2. Each school had a “speak up” policy.
  3. Multiple staff and students were aware of early indications of an illegal relationship.
  4. Multiple staff and students would have promptly reported the relationship had the school had 1st Notice’s Fail Safe notification system.


Volleyball coach and student

Private school teacher and student

Teacher and student in classroom

Teacher and multiple special education students

Part-time wresting coach and activities directory and student


If organizations provide a system that optimizes notifications, at the very least they receive first notice of the first indications of prohibited behavior. And law enforcement advises and experience indicates that such a system actually prevents prohibited behavior.


Organizations cover up bad things because they can. Fail Safe precludes coverups but also gives organizations the tools and resources to effectively manage notifications, and more.


In addition to bad news, we can also report that every week more people and organizations are protected by Fail Safe and are also using it for other, not so serious issues.


1st Notice has the only duplex and the only integrated notification, feedback suggestion system. And a new program with Experian enables us to provide our applications to organizations that work with minors at no cost.


Every child should be protected.