Most of Us are Like Harrison Ford

Harrison Ford is in the press again, for doing the right thing. A woman lost control of her vehicle and ran off the road into an embankment. Ford was behind her and immediately pulled over to lend assistance. Others also stopped to help.


If we can help and can do so without endangering ourselves (we leave that to the first responders), most of us do the right thing.


Too many of our youth and seniors suffer from the lack of effective notification systems to help people to report serious issues, and to protect them. Yet another case in the news: In February 2014, James Dempsey, a World War II veteran and patient at  Northeast Atlanta Health and Rehabilitation called for nurses six times, saying he could not breathe.


A video showed the nurses failing to take life-saving measures and laughing as they tried to start an oxygen machine. After gasping for breath Dempsey lost consciousness, and died.


We’ve followed this horrible case since almost the beginning. Were it not for a hidden camera placed by Dempsey's family, none of this would even be known. The two nurses in question finally surrendered their licenses in September, over three and a half years later.


But the real tragedy is that it could have been prevented, it would have been prevented by an effective notification system. Other staff were long and well aware and sicken by how these nurses treated patients, but as is so often the case they were convinced that management knew of the aberrant behavior and that reporting it would adversely affect them.


Over 92% of people will promptly report serious issues if there is an effective notification system to protect them. Without such a system, less than 7% will report serious issues.


If we want to protect the most vulnerable, our youth and seniors, every organization that works with youth and seniors must have an effective notification system.


If you want to protect your youth and seniors, make sure that every organization with which they are involved has an effective notification system. Ours is called Fail Safe and is included in our Optimum Connect packages. Give coupon code SF2GKQO to organizations that work with youth and seniors and they will automatically receive 90% off. For less than $4.00 a month they will be protecting those that are most important to all of us, and a lot more too.


1st Notice does not want cost to ever be a barrier to an organization having Fail Safe. If $4.00 a month is prohibitive to an organization that works with youth and seniors, to learn about our assistance programs.