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Constituent Reported Self Reported1 1st Notice Optimum Connect
CEP2, Notification-Feedback System(s)/Average Feedback
Employer Listings Provider Listings Organization


Protected by 1st Notice2

Protected by 1st Notice2


Feedback System(s)/None, none published

Trusted. Because we verifiy3.

CEP4, Notification-Feedback System(s)/Excellent

Excellent/Highly likely to recommend5.

CEP4 & Notification System(s)/Good

Good/Likely to recommend5.

CEP Only4/Average



Poor/Will not recommend5.

All 1st Notice applications are highly customizable in order to optimize the timing, quality and quantity of information collected as well as the value of the reporting.

1May be any combination of colors. 2Indicates use of the Fail Safe notification system which exceeds all compliance and ethics requirements, and of all notification solutions, is the most likely to prevent and the first to detect prohibited conduct. Fail Safe protects people and organizations and is also an important source of critical information that otherwise slips through the cracks. 3Indicates use of the Fail Safe system as well as the most advanced feedback and suggestion systems which measurably optimize performance and satisfaction. 4Compliance & Ethics Program, in compliance the law. 5Net Promotor Score (NPS), measuring Promotors, Passive and Detractors.