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Score Cards and Consulting - An Unbeatable Combination

Performance Data: More Than Feeding the Machine

Now that there are indications that the economy is improving the internal demand for organization performance data is increasing. Not just more numbers, but the details behind numbers. Proof. Everyone - analysts, the market, the government are all going to be a lot more careful and demanding. The practice

Go Along to Get Along

Even in the best of times most of us are inclined to at least tacitly go along with the people we work with. The inclination to go along is even greater in times like these, when uncertainty and not unfounded fear about jobs and money plaque us. No sense in rocking an already unstable boat. No sense making

Making It in Today’s World

As hungry and demanding as we are for answers and solutions, we often look past or even reject simple facts and analyses. The tried and true barely get any consideration. Invariably many of the solutions that we do choose to embrace are like the latest fad: They don’t sustain us for long and we often

Smart Resourcing

Many of us are passive aggressive when it comes to working with third parties. It often stems from families or employers that had a do it yourself orientation. And just about all of us have been scared by experiences and stories of provider nightmares at home or work or in other organizations. A Phil

Value Metrics

No, we’re not coining another term; there are too many already. But there is a growing disconnect between all the performance data being thrown about and actual performance value that you should recognize. To differentiate an indicator or just a number from a valid human capital performance met

Pick Your War

Many of us have worked with McKinsey consultants. They’re invariably incredibly smart people who say really smart things. And then leave. Most of us have joked about this, but I’m not suggesting that they aren’t worth their fees. I really like McKinsey consultants and the vast major

Outsourcing Needs More HR

Other than when it gets close to us personally, outsourcing has become an accepted business practice and is moving into the next phase of development. However a fundamental flaw is becoming apparent in some outsourced operations that is undermining their effectiveness and the growth of the industry: There

All Employees Know MOM Makes Everything Better

We’ve documented the significant and measurable benefits of a clear mission, objectives and metrics (MOM) but recently asked over 3,600 managers and 5,000 non-managerial employees what they thought. Over 93% of the managers responded that a clear mission, objections and metrics were at least im

What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You

Recent customer feedback research surprised us but our own surveys support the results:

Vertical Integration and Outsourcing Considerations in the Health-Care Sector (Outsourcing - Chapter 5)

Some of the steps required to produce the good or service are facilitated by contracting with outside parties whereas others are completed by coordinated actions among the firm’s various internal resources. Thus, questions arise regarding the manner in which particular firms choose to organize their

HR Outsourcing and Metrics (Ultimate Performance - Chapter 14 )

Any modern writing on HR includes some commentary on the prevalence of HR outsourcing (HRO). Since this book is on HR measurement and metrics, this would seem an opportune time to introduce it here. When writing about HRO and HR metrics the temptation is to list the myriad functional areas, associated meas