The Boss Wants to See You

Owning up to mistakes before they become major issues

When We’re the Victim

How to act appropriately when the victim of unfair situations

I Don’t Care What Your Strategy Is

Successful performance is virtually impossible when strategy is not a product of goals.

When Bad Things Happen

Braving and finding opportunities for growth in troubled times and bad situations

Performance Sustained

Three distinct, vital items to optimize success

Getting to Satisfaction

Treating candidates properly - as if they were customers

An Olympic Orientation

Important decisions must be based on performance, not talent

Ask Your Customers for a Gift

Giving yourself the gift of customer feedback

Measure Year

Reflections on the views Non-HR executives currently hold on HR and metrics in general

The Most Important Metric

Research confirms that new hire quality is indeed the most important metric

On the Horizon

HR developments that are in our not-so-distant future...

No More Stupid Numbers

The crucial differences between activity indicators and metrics