Although Thanksgiving is an American holiday it celebrates one of the best, most universal human practices.

In the pre-holiday rush we’re refraining from strident talk of measured performance but suggest that you recognize the service workers that we depend on and whose performance I am often in awe of.

I was a Regular Army officer but had the good fortune of being the son of a sergeant who taught me to value and respect all good work. We often misunderstand and inappropriately mimic the officer - enlisted separation and divide our workforces into professionals and everyone else. The division is generally based on how you were educated and the type of work you do - the professionals have degrees and don’t get dirty. Different job and leadership levels are good for organizations; different classes are not. A professional is anyone who engages in a given activity as a source of livelihood or as a career. Anyone who earns a living from an occupation is a professional. Professionals are skilled in their work, regardless what they do. Let me tell you, I have watched our garbage men and they are professionals - they also have great style and class.

The workers who perform - maintain our property, clean for us, drive for us, wheel the gurneys that we lie on, make and serve our food (and coffee), take our tolls, check our passes and fix our cars are professionals. We’re all in this together, each playing a position that is essential to the total outcome.

Recognize them, thank them. Everyday.

And thank you for being with us, wherever you are.