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[Thursdays] -Practical and succinct advice, perspectives and developments to help measurably optimize the performance of people and organizations. Each Weekly includes links to recent blogs.

[Friday after last Thursday] - Selected segments from the month's Weeklies.

[Periodic Fridays] - Notices of confidential surveys and the benefits associated with participating.

[Alternate Mondays] - Perspectives, practices and resources to consistently optimize customer experience.

[Alternate Tuesdays] - Education specific updates on feedback practices and results.

[Alternate Tuesdays] - Updates on optimizing HR and organization performance including best practices and what's over the horizon.

[Alternate Mondays] - The latest information on feedback applications for nonprofits.

[Periodic Sundays] - Important announcements and information for C Level Executives only.

[Alternate Wednesdays] - Tips and updates to sell more, better.

[Alternate Wednesdays] - Continually updated practices to drive optimum staffing performance.